Casino A.C.

Review of AC Casino

Discuss ego. Whoever is responsible for developing the AC Casino website clearly has some rather lofty self-esteem. After all, it is an acronym for Always Cool, which suggests they believe they are constantly fashionable.

Fortunately, they may not be that far off the mark, considering that AC Casino is a relatively young website. The landing page is polished and glossy, reminiscent of a respectable monthly magazine but not nearly Harpers. The graphics is of high quality, and it is not one of those lifeless static works that refuses to acknowledge that having things move around a bit helps keep people focused.

Thus far, so much better than the ordinary online casino. That is not to imply that this is the ideal casino website. Indeed, we’ve seen nicer picture embeds; you know, when things seem to be much less clunky and tacked on. Clearly, the fundamental site design was completed some time ago, but at the very least, things have been kept quite current. Which is, of course, both beneficial and comforting.

When the site loads for the first time, you’ll notice a few things. The first of which is believed to be the photos for the centre panel. That’s because they rotate on a regular basis, a brilliant tactic that captures your attention while also highlighting AC Casino’s discounts, promotions, and significant selling features. Thus, there might be a variety of benefits for participating in different games (some are pretty amazing- 555 percent just for opting in on video poker, for example).

Or maybe it’s the fact that the website is now taking Bitcoin payments, the digital-only currency that clearly distinguishes this as a leader and future-proof. Neither of those are debatable assertions. Below all of that rotating information, you’ll find easy links to ‘Join Us Today’ for new members, ‘Get A Bonus’ for information on your first deposit bonus, and ‘Start Playing’, which is, after all, what we all want to do. After all, without play, there is no victory, and everyone is here to win, correct?

You’re Here to Succeed

Thus, initial impressions are beneficial, but they are only beneficial if there is some depth to the situation. Fortunately, AC Casino excels with depth, much more so than many other online casinos you may come across on your digital, web-based adventures. Continue scrolling down the home page to see some options for how much and what sort of fun you may have.

As is customary, the games are separated into several categories. The first is maybe the most instantly rewarding and one of our personal favorites — slots. Insert your coin, push the spin button, and hope to emerge with a combination of numbers, letters, icons, or images of the same kind. If you do this in groups of threes, fours, or fives (or whatever the unique game needs), you have a good chance of winning large. Everything is fine.

Following that are 3D Slots, which are less futuristic and aesthetically striking than you would expect, but nevertheless manage to outperform classic slots in terms of technological sophistication. Along with those two categories, there are Table Games, which form the backbone of any online casino. As such, you’d expect AC Casino to perform well in order to justify its self-proclaimed ‘Always Cool’ moniker, and it does so admirably. Yes, now is the moment to exhale a sigh of relief.

Indeed, it does so well. We haven’t seen this many varieties of Table Games at an online casino in a long time. There are several fantastic poker varieties, a good number of Roulette variants, and Blackjack. It does not, however, stop there. Additionally, you’ll find more esoteric games like as Pai Gow and others that aren’t particularly uncommon in the real world but are less prevalent at online casinos. Therefore, Craps or Baccarat. As we said at the outset of this section, this is an excellent collection that is unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon.

Generous and enjoyable

We noted before that players are entitled to a slew of incentives for playing this or that game or making such and such a deposit. Let’s go a little more into these—after all, they are significant selling factors.

To begin, there are promos aimed to get you to play a certain game. 225 percent Live Dealer Bonus—basically, you must utilize the Live Dealer to qualify for the bonus. The 2222 percent Slot Bonus follows a similar pattern — when was the last time you saw a bonus of more than 500 percent, much alone two grand? When they are combined with the 555 percent Video Poker and 400 percent Blackjack, you’re on to a winner if you follow the bonus trail. Given that they are activated by inputting a particular bonus code, we’re guessing they actually change on rotation, but information on that point is a little scarce.