Megaway Musketeers Slot Overview: Richelieu

In his 1844 classic, The Three Musketeers, French author Alexandre Dumas tells the story of D’Artanan, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos, who engage in a variety of daring and heroic exploits. The Three Musketeers is an adventure narrative set in the 1620s, but it also allowed Dumas a platform to criticize the Ancien Regime; it was released four years before the 1848 French Revolution, which brutally ushered in the Second Republic.

Leave European Literature behind, please, and get on with the performance. iSoftBet has released a new slot machine, Musketeer Megaways Richelieu Riches, as part of their Twisted Tales series. Because of this feature, each of the four adventures is now the highest earning symbol on the reels. This is achieved by providing two distinct methods of approaching the game. One of these modes is called “All4One mode,” and it’s played across four separate game windows. The other is the 1ForAll mode, which utilizes a single set of reels. We’ll get to the free spins and how they change things up in a minute.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the scene’s rustic atmosphere. The charming scenery around the six-reel Megaways gaming grids is made out of wood. Probably pre-Art Nouveau or pre-Haussmann Baron Haussmann’s major renovations of the city, this is old Paris. Everything has the appearance and feel of Twisted Tales or maybe even Peter & Sons, and the music is suitably dramatic.

The base game allows players to adjust the RTP by toggling between All4One and 1ForAll at any time. The return for playing in only one window is 95.517%, whereas the return for playing in four windows is 96%. The level of volatility has consistently been medium-to-high. You can wager as little as 20 percent, or £/€20, on a single normal game grid spin, or as much as 50 percent, or £/€50, on a four grid pick.

Each of the game windows has 6 reels, and each reel may carry up to 7 symbols. Up to 117,649 possible combinations are generated with each spin. At the top of each grid is a name, denoting the symbol with the largest payout. The value of a hand with six of a type is 50 times the normal wager if it contains Richelieu, D’Artagnan, Porthos, Athos, or Aramis. To the right of the character symbols are three different premiums: caps, coin bags, and scrolls, each of which pays 2-10x for six of a type. The remaining tiles are all 9-A royals, worth between 0.7 and 1.5x for a 6-symbol winning combination. The wild sign completes this set; it can appear on Reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, and it can replace any of the normal symbols.

Megaway Musketeers Features of the Slot Machine Richelieu

There is a free spins bonus round in both game styles, and there are more similarities than differences between them. In addition, there are additional guarantees, Max Megaways, a Lose to Win Modifier, a mystery symbol, and cascading wins.

Secret Symbols

The first one is a doozy: a windmill appears on the surface of a mysterious symbol. If there are many hidden symbols in play, they will all reveal a standard payout icon.

Success Snowballs

The cascading winnings feature is activated once a winning combination is made, and it involves the removal of winning symbols from the reels and their replacement with fresh symbols. As long as there are new winners, a cascade will continue.

Playing in the 1v1 Mode

There are a few of random modifiers accessible in this mode that aren’t present in the All4One mode. The Lose to Win feature is one example; it can happen on any spin and ensures either a bonus game or a win on the reels. There’s also Max Megaways, which may happen on any paid spin. Once engaged, the maximum number of Megaways is used, with each reel landing a maximum of seven symbols.

When you get 4 bonus symbols, you get 5 free games. For every additional bonus symbol in play, you’ll be awarded an additional free spin (up to a maximum of 7). In this case, the 1ForAll free spins feature utilizes four individual game grids, each of which has its own limitless multiplier. After a series of consecutive wins, these multipliers will increase by a factor of x2. The multipliers are only valid in their designated game grids.

Mode de Jogo All4Uno

This is the mode that utilizes the four-reel sets included in the original game, and it lacks the additional modifier features found in 1ForAll. If you’re playing for free spins, your goal is to get four bonus symbols in a row on the gaming board. Each extra bonus symbol grants an additional free game, up to a maximum of 7. The standard free spins rules apply, with the addition that the greatest multiplier value applies to all multipliers when the special All4One symbol appears on all four reel sets.

Assurance of a Bonus

Free spins are awarded if the player finishes either bonus round with a win of less than 10x. This is a one-time event.

Slot Review: Musketeer Megaways Richelieu Riches

Megaway Musketeers Richelieu Riches mixes a familiar premise with gameplay elements that aren’t really innovative or many. The use of quad grids is still something of a niche technique among developers’ arsenals. It would have been good to see more of the four heroes, but they each have their own grid, making the experience feel unique while yet fitting in with the game’s four-window structure. It’s cool that some players may play in 1ForAll mode without increasing their wager to take advantage of the free spins’ quad screens, while others can play in All4One mode and go wild with the game’s additional reels and ways.

You would believe 1ForAll is the best option, what with all the bonuses and the cheap spins. Interestingly, All4One performed better for us. Not only is the RTP somewhat higher, but the All4One symbol may boost multipliers for free spin wins to their maximum value. The theoretically minimal chance of getting six first free spins really wasn’t a problem. Because successful cascades are dealt with one at a time, a bonus round can be prolonged, and you have the potential to win on four windows on every spin. A spin might conclude with a hefty profit for the player. When all the Musketeers are used, the game may provide winnings of up to 19,507 times the wager (All4One) or 33,980 times the wager (1ForAll).

These four grid games may come across as more novelty than utility, so they may not appeal to everyone. However, iSoftBet has created a nice one that works well with the characters, has a swashbuckling atmosphere, and provides interesting spin sequences because to the quad grid arrangement.