The Westin Las Vegas Has Decided To Get Rid Of Its Casino

Located on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the Westin Las Vegas has long been regarded as one of the most famous land-based casinos in all of Las Vegas. Now, the venue is close to entering a new phase in its history. It is on the verge of finishing a massive renovation project, which has included the complete replacement of its gambling floor with amenities that the venue refers to as “alternative entertainment.” In a recent press statement, the owners of the entertainment resort disclosed to the public that in addition to the existing offerings, they have introduced a restaurant decorated in an industrial style. The eatery, which will be known as Jake & Eli, will provide customers with an enticing assortment of beverage and dining options, with a particular emphasis on the use of American bourbon whiskey as a primary component in the cuisine.

The Remodeling Project Is Almost Complete

The proprietors of the Vegas Strip complex have stated that they wanted to make the site appealing to corporate guests as well as those seeking pleasure, which is why the casino section of the resort has been closed down. It is essential to mention at this point that the casino facilities at the resort were initially shut down in the middle of 2017 as part of the overall restoration plans for the Westin. The management team of the Westin Las Vegas further indicated that there are just a few places of the resort left to be renovated, one of which is the area surrounding the property’s outdoor pool. The remodeled sections of the resort are scheduled to welcome guests after the construction work is finished and is expected to take place during the first few months of the new year. In addition to the closing of the gambling facilities at the Westin Las Vegas resort the previous year, the property has also undergone extensive renovations to its 826 premium guest suites, fitness studios, and in-house spa. The proprietors of the property recently installed four additional conference rooms and completely renovated the lobby in an effort to make the Westin a popular destination for guests and those attending business meetings. These additions were made as part of the owners’ effort to make the Westin a popular destination.

Westin Las Vegas Enters A New Era

Representatives of the complex have stated that one of their goals for the remodeling project was to develop a “alternative” to the gambling-related entertainment options already available there. On the other hand, they emphasized that one of their goals was to’stay loyal’ to the Westin brand’s distinctive identity. When it first opened in July 1977, the Westin Las Vegas was known as the Maxim Hotel and Casino. Up until the year 2001, this was the resort’s official moniker. In that year, Columbia Sussex acquired the property for the price of $38 million and then spent an additional $90 million on repairs. In 2003, after extensive renovations and a new brand name, the Westin Casuarina welcomed its first guests. The casino and hotel complex was later renamed to Westin Las Vegas in 2012. At the time, it had about 300 casino slots and other gambling machines and approximately 10 gaming tables, making it one of the smallest casinos along the Vegas Strip. In 2012, the name of the casino and hotel complex was changed to Westin Las Vegas. Now, the casino section of the resort has been relegated to history altogether as the Westin begins a new era in its operation, along with many of its sister resorts on the iconic Strip that are now in the midst of similar restoration projects. The Westin is not the only resort on the Strip to embrace a new era in its operation.